Make Log Cabin Furniture a Fixture of the Living Room

Sleeper Sofas can be great living room Fixtures

As you’re planning for summer at your cabin or lodge, it’s a good idea to make sure you have enough room for guests. Summer homes tend to be a little smaller than year-round residences, which means making special accommodations for the friends and family that stop by to visit and relax for the weekend. If you don’t have a designated guest room, log cabin furniture like the Burly Rustic Queen Sleeper Sofa


Aspen Furniture Adds a Rustic Cabin Touch

Rustic Style Sofa Beds

Many people dream about having a cabin in the deep woods. Knowing there’s a place you can go to take a break from the routines of daily life gives you peace of mind even in the midst of the busiest schedule. Even if you don’t have a place like that, you can adorn your home with cabin decor and experience the same serenity each time you walk through your front door.


Use Aspen Furniture to Enhance Cabin Style

Sofa Tables for Enhancing the Living Room

Cabin decor means different things to different people. Does your cabin have a style that stands out? With beautiful pieces like the Aspen and Elk Antler Log Sofa Table available, it’s easy to add rugged appeal to every inch of your living space. Featuring thick aspen log legs, a solid tabletop and a unique antler accent, this stunning table catches the attention of friends and family no matter where you choose to place it.


Armoires Offer Convenient and Beautiful Cabin Decor

Armoires for a Convenient Bedroom

When your closet gets overcrowded, it’s not only hard to find the outfits you’re looking for, but it can also be bad for your clothes. Delicate items become wrinkled and heavy items stretch out over time. Avoid this problem with the simple yet stunning Real Hickory 3 Drawer Armoire. This rugged cabin furniture incorporates both drawers and hanging storage to provide you with the space you need to


Rustic Accessories Complement Log Furniture

Iron Paper Towel Holders make Great Accessories









Home style is all about the details. When you live in a rustic cabin or lodge, every accessory you choose should work to create a comfortable, rustic feeling. Whether you prefer wall art and sculptures or decorative versions of everyday items such as the Wrought Iron Leaf Fan Paper Towel Holder, the accents you place around your home make a big impact on the overall atmosphere.

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